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Nic Alvarado has been consistently booked since he started DJing in 1993, which for those of us in the industry, we know is no easy feat. He continues to make new friends world wide who are dedicated to house music through the House Music DJ Competition as well as his new online radio station http://www.insoulwetrust.com/.  Below is his story.


I was born in June 14 1977 in East Los Angeles, California.  I knew I wanted to be a DJ since I was 5 years old, all the kids would be dancing around at family parties and I would be standing behind what ever I thought to be my DJ set up and pretend to play music.  My brother was big into the disco sound that dominated the dance scene in Los Angeles in the late 70's early 80's. We think of the term underground as a new term, but in fact there was an underground Disco scene back in those times.  My brother would tell me about disco after hours clubs that would play the real underground hits that at the time where coming out of the UK. Some of the DJ's (LA's own Tony Largo being one of them) would cover the record labels so you wouldn't’t know what song was playing.  I grew up listening to a really defined sound, not what corporate America called disco, but what true music lovers danced too.

            I was in 7th grade when I first started to work on my DJing skills. I would show up to backyard parties with a walkman and a bag of tapes.  I would cue the tapes with the walkman and play them on what ever home stereo was available.  High school came and I finally got a hold of one turntable.  I would practice going from tape to record and back.  I didn’t even know how to mix yet, but I was still getting hired to play because of my natural ability to read the crowd.


DJ Psychosis

My family had moved from Los Angeles to Bakersfield during my years in high school.  Every summer I would go back to L.A. to work for my brothers company.  The summer of 1993 I met one of his high school friends and his little bother, Steve Saldez and Greg Saldez.  Steve was a veteran DJ that had been playing since the 70’s and his little brother Greg grew up listening and shaping his sound as well.  They introduced me to House music.  Both Greg and Steve showed me the art of mixing music. 

After I went to my first rave I was hooked.  The energy that the music had, how the crowd responded, I had seen nothing like it before.  After that summer was over, I took some house music records back to Bakersfield.  One of the other house music DJ’s in Bakersfield at the time was DJ Raully D. He asked me to play with him at a club called the Marquee (I think its now a car lot in Bakersfield). One night he called me to ask what my DJ name was so he could print the flier.  I didn’t have one but I had to give him something, because he was printing the fliers that night. I looked up on the wall at some of the fliers I had from parties in Los Angeles.  There was a party crew that called themselves Psychosis.  It was the first name I saw, so that’s what I told him. DJ Psychosis was born.

Little by little we both started to build a following.  Our following consisted of kids who used to live in Los Angeles and Bakersfield kids who where just tired of the same old shit.  Me and Raully both started our own night at a club called the Zoo.  Our crowd grew, we had a weekly night at The Zoo and we even had our own weekly underground radio show. I played consistently all through high school,  but I longed to be back in Los Angeles where the house scene was taking off.


Nic Nax

I graduated high school in 1995 and moved back to Los Angeles.  The whole time I was DJing in Bakersfield I hated the name Psychosis. What kind of name is that for a house DJ?  Besides that it was always being misspelled!  So when I moved back to Los Angeles Psychosis had to die.  My best friend David’s dad always called me Nic Nax. I liked the way it sounded so that’s what I used. Nic Nax was born.

            Everywhere I went I had a mixed tape on me to pass out to promoters.  One night at about midnight I got a call from some one who had received one of my mix tapes.  They wanted me to come and spin at a mansion in Malibu CA overlooking the beach.  One of the promoters I met that day was Dane Styles.  He really took to my sound and enthusiasm for DJing.  The first party he booked me for was Winter Fresh in 1997.  Other promoters started to hear me and I started to get booked on a regular basis.  My style of house was funky and jazzy, a bit different then the other DJ’s in the rave scene who were at that time playing a harder style of house.  I became known for my memorable closing sets.  You would hear hard trance and techno all night and I would come in and bring it down from a hard trance anthem to soulful gospel house. I even developed a reputation of getting the security guards to dance.  There where many times and still to this day that the young kids would come up and ask, “What do you call this kind of music?”, “House Music,” I would say. People from time to time someone would come up to me and thank me for introducing them to House.  That’s always a great feeling, especially if that person is now a house DJ themselves.  I see my self as a Disciple of House Music.


Nic Alvarado

            The name Nic Nax holds a lot of great memories, but as my sound has matured I figured it was time again for a name change. This time I made it easier for myself and just used my real name, Nic Alvarado. 

In 2006 I teamed up with long time DJ and promoter Sergio Vasquez.  Together we launched Speakeasyprod.com a web site and Promotion Team dedicated to the Los Angeles underground House music culture.  We put together two successful events in 2006, Soul Glo and the speakeasyprod.com release party.  Be on the look out for more events in 2007 to be brought to you by the Speakeasyprod.com crew.

We both took a break from promotion to go back to school for the fall and spring semester of 2006.  I started school for web design to build this site.  I just didn’t want this to be another DJ related site with mixes and a bio.  So that is why this site is hosting a monthly House music DJ Competition as well as show casing up and coming talent.


2007 kicks off the Monthly House Music DJ Competition. My goal is to help upcoming House Music DJ's promote their music.  I am doing that by having the monthly house music Dj competition. In the summer of 2007 I started an online house music radio station http://www.insoulwetrust.com/. The station broadcasts house music 24/7 with a variety of other shows on the station as well. The station allows me to further promote the house music sound and help other DJ's and artist get their music out there.


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