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Dj Name: Dj-Lilo

City: Liege

Country: Belgium

Year you started Djing: Select One...

Title of your mix: Soulful house feelings

Description of mix: Dj_Lilo_Soulful_house


Web Site:


I was born in 1963 in Liège ( Belgium ) and i am  djing since 1979.  I growed in the music  with soul, disco and funk organizing little party ‘ s with friands.

In 1980 i had my chance to play in clubs and i started to mix like crasy my favorite FUNK music.

Melba Moore , Evelyn King , Glen Jones , D-Train , Zapp , Cameo , Brass construction , Earth Wind and Fire , Kashif , Michael Jackson , kool and the gang , Oliver Cheateam , One Way , Sos Band , Mtume , George Benson, Luther Vandross , Reddings , Lakeside , Pleasure , Whispers , Kurtis Blow , Sugarill Gang , James Brown and the JB’s ...and many others I have about 6000 records, they are like gold to me.  In 1985, i moved in The Netherlands to play in a club called The Dj Inn in Maastricht and i had a great time and lots of friends. I felt so good there that i refused to play in Spain, Paris, Italy and U.S.A.


In 1991 i decided to stop to play in clubs because it was for me a bad musical time.I still played at special disco funk party’s and in my garage, you have to know that i stand op with music and i go sleep with music... And with my wife…( of course )

I restarted in 2001 with a dutch disco group , we used to play everywhere in The Netherlands. Now i enjoy a lot to mix again. I use to play different  kind of music like funk ( of course ) ,  jazz funk ( Rachelle Ferrel , Marcus Miller , Bob James , Anita Baker , Shante Moore , Groover Washington ) , and disco ( Freddie James, Anita Ward , Tramps , Beegees  … ).

Since 2 years i used to mix soulful house witch is for me actually the best dance music... (Groove Junkies , Kenny Bobien , Cece Rogers , Michelle Weeks , Barbara Tucker , Kathy Brown, Candy Williams , Miguel Migs , Indigo ... and many others ).I am so exited with my 45 years to play everywhere.  Paris , London , Brussel , Amsterdam , Maastricht ,Koln ,  Milano , Barcelona , New York , Ibiza… I still have many years to play , a lot of place to go, a lot of friends to do… I see my future in the music giving all the people my feelings and soul of music..

PEACE & JOY to everyone.     
Dj lilo






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