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Dj Name: JALI
City: Miami
Country: United States
Year you started Djing: Select One...
Title of your mix: Goin Deeper
Do download the mix Right click on the title of the mix and select "Save target as"
Description of mix: Dark, Progressive, tribal house...
Web Site:


DJ JALI (Ja-LEE) is a pioneer and dynamic force in the dance music industry. At a very young age, inspired by his ability to play the piano and guitar, music was his source of expression.
DJ JALI explored the possibilities of music by spinning at house parties as a teenager growing up in Amsterdam. After experiencing the hypnotic atmosphere he could create through his music, there was no turning back.

• In 2003 he moved to Miami to study Audio Engineering at the SAE Institute of music production.

• Miami’s large music network introduced many opportunities such as spinning at Ultra Festival during the Winter Music Conference.
• After completion of the SAE program and several breakthrough accomplishments, JALI decided to move back to The Netherlands to further explore his musical roots.
• He soon landed a residency at several clubs including “Club El Soos” (The Hague), “Escape” and “Het Schuim” (Amsterdam).
• Through his exposure and unique sense of sound, JALI earned a position consistently producing various professional musicians. He soon began devoting a lot of time outside of deejaying to work in the studio setting.
• In late 2004 a European TV producer called upon JALI to record, mix, and master a major country wide hip-hop battle for a program called “Urban Lifestyle” on Netherlands MTV network “The Box.
• JALI was soon presented with many opportunities in New York where he became an Acoustic Consultant for Alicia Keys’ recording studio by day and a deejay in various clubs around the northeast by night.
• At this time DJ JALI performed with artists: Sandra Collins, The Crystal Method, Donald Glaude, Darude, DJ Irene, Farrsheed, Interstate, Lavelle Dupree, Trevor Simpson, Marc Monaco, Charles Feelgood, Mark Lewis, J Scott G., Bassnectar and Steven Quarre to name a few.
• In 2006 JALI was invited to perform at the Las Vegas Music Conference where he performed in clubs "The Empire Ballroom", and "ICE" (Las Vegas).
• Shortly after the conference, JALI was on the road again performing at the “Winter Warp Drive” (St. Louis, MO) with the PanOptic crew that he joined in the beginning of 2007.


JALI has most recently initiated an innovative new concept in the European club scene with “Flirt Class”. A sold out opening night at “Club One Four” (The Hague, ND), proved the event was clearly very successful, and just a glimpse of things to come. The hype that was created from the “Flirt Class” atmosphere and mood enhancing musical performance of JALI has given him another opportunity for a monthly residency in his homeland, the Netherlands. He also recently brought “Flirt Class” to Point 77 club in Munich, Germany.

Currently DJ JALI resides in Miami where he is the entertainment manager for the new club “Ice” opening up in South Beach. He is constantly traveling deejaying in Washington DC, St. Louis, New York, Illinois, Miami, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and China. Through many years of collecting, JALI has acquired a rather vast variety of music to create the perfect atmosphere wherever he spins. This collection allows JALI to play a broad and exclusive selection of electronic music, predominantly Minimal/Progressive/ House with a touch of Electro vibes. He continues to follow his passion by spreading his positive energy to others through his music. Completely open-minded, DJ JALI enjoys the endless possibilities music has and will continue to provide.







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