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Deny Doom


Deny Doom

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email =

DJ Name = Deny Doom

location = slovejgradec

year you started DJing = 2001

Title of your mix = Source of energy
Do download the mix Right click on the title of the mix and select "Save target as"

Description of mix = house\tribal\progressive

website =\denydoom

Deni Prosen aka DenyDoom started his music career as a child. His father, who played in a band while growing up, gave him inspiration. At that time he also enrolled in a musical school and starts to play piano and produce his own, at that time, school songs. In primary school he was a DJ at school dances and he saw that that is what pleases him. In year 2000 he bought his first gramophones and started playing them. At first he started to arrange private parties with his friend DJ Bastard and right after that also parties in the clubs all over Koroska. So far he gathered many experiences because he played in many clubs all over Slovenia, Croatia and he was also a guest in Serbia. His style is something between house and techno with sounds of Tribal and Funk. Here are some Dj's which he has played with: Terry Francis, Pure Science, Future Squad, Bart Wann Wissen, Timo Kretchman, Partyk, Dave Manali, J.Jeff, Shane 54, Petar Dundov and many local slovenian Dj's. In 2003 he decided to start to produce music again. Pure Science, which was guest in Koroska at that time and they had a tour around Slovenia, gave him inspiration. In year 2007 DenyDoom get´s 3 labels. NINE 73 from Mauricio Artigas(usa), NEW ERA RECORDINGS from Tony Thomas (uk) and APPLE JAXX DIGITAL from Peter Presta.

Deny Doom

Deny Doom




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